OFI’s story:
from classical to experimental music

symphonic production

A big production

The symphonic and opera production performed by OFI is very substantial: it includes the most famous and consolidated Italian popular tracks, but also a less usual repertoire inaccurately considered as “marginal”, and contemporary titles – even in their global premiere. It is also worth mentioning that the Orchestra Filarmonica Italiana has raised particular interest in the recording industry, thanks to the releasing of many unusual and prestigious titles, including that of six tracks of Eighteenth-century Opera Buffa – until that point fallen into oblivion.


Abroad, OFI is – among other things – famous for a tour of Italian music in Belgium and the Netherlands, with the aim of spreading the national culture with the approval of the Italian Government.

from classic to contemporary

Therefore, along titles of absolute fame as Aida, Falstaff, Il Trovatore, Il Matrimonio di Figaro, Il Flauto Magico, Carmen and La Gazza Ladra (only to name a small part of OFI’s repertoire, that is entirely visible at this link), more contemporary compositions stand out, such as Il Cavaliere dell’Intelletto by Franco Battiato and collaborations with rockstars like Serj Tankian (frontman of System of a Down and, in 2011 and 2013, on tour in Italy with OFI for the promotion of his solo albums) and Mike Patton, who toured with OFI in the summer of 2011.

” during its thirty years of activity, collaborated with worldwide renowned orchestra leaders “

Orchestra Filarmonica Italiana has, during its thirty years of activity, collaborated with worldwide renowned orchestra leaders such as – just to name a few – E. Müller, M. Viotti, N. Santi, S. Ranzani, P. G. Morandi, D. Garforth, Y. Ahronovitch, C. Franci, G. Zanaboni, M. Rota, A. Vlad, M. Letonja, G. Venus, G. Taverna, G. Arena, F. Pantillon, W. Proost, and with globally famous performers (M. Devia, R. Kabaivanska, G. Dimitrova, K. Ricciarelli, P. Ball, J. Carreras, Andrea Bocelli, J. Cura, R. Bruson, C. Gasdia, M. and T. Malagnini Fabbricini).

” superstars like Zucchero, Jedd Beck, Elisa, Jovanotti, Andrea Bocelli and Ennio Morricone “

OFI, however, also likes to approach the audience directly with projects that highlight the orchestra’s extreme flexibility and modernity. Examples are its participation, in 2012, to the Pavarotti International along with superstars like Zucchero, Jedd Beck, Elisa, Jovanotti, Andrea Bocelli and Ennio Morricone, or the one that has seen OFI involved in the formation of an orchestra of members of the YouTube community, in November 2008. Chosen by the London Symphony Orchestra to represent Italy with the National RAI Orchestra from Turin and in cooperation with the most important orchestras from 23 countries around the world, OFI showed the ability of its musicians with the creation of audio-visual tutorials intended for the general public.

” one of the greatest orchestras on the market in terms of ductility, quality and flexibility “

In consideration of the numerous calls by the major opera houses and theaters of national tradition, of OFI’s participation to various musical events transmitted by RAI and the Vatican Network, also broadcast worldwide, and its projects on the Internet, Orchestra Filarmonica Italiana represents today one of the greatest orchestras on the market in terms of ductility, quality and flexibility.