A traditional education
cross-contaminated by different genres

The main feature that differentiates Orchestra Filarmonica Italiana from similar ensembles resides principally in its versatility.

OFI represents the new way of interpreting the orchestra

Trained with a classical education experienced with hundreds of productions and exhibitions, both in Italy and abroad, and assembled by a team of young, dynamic musicians all susceptible to different musical stimuli, OFI represents the new way of interpreting the orchestra: no longer a mere organ only destined to elite genres and, therefore, elite audiences, but an ensemble of musicians able to interpret, with passion and professionalism, the most diverse epertoires. Even the ones that, at a first glance, would not match at all with a traditional education.

the ideal interlocutor for projects of almost any nature

Orchestra Filarmonica Italiana loves classical music as much as the musical diversity that characterizes modern and contemporary productions, and this open and welcoming artistic approach makes OFI the ideal interlocutor for projects of almost any nature, where the fusion between genres is not only the key to their interpretation, but also the leverage to hit a wider and all encompassing audience.


OFI breaks the schemes

Orchestra Filarmonica Italiana breaks the schemes until now religiously respected by classical ensembles by willingly performing not only classical projects, but compositions that are freed from the cage of genre and tradition. These compositions are, in fact, not “less educated” but, on the contrary, always characterized by a strong will to research, experiment, and express themselves.

Talent and professionalism

All OFI’s performances and productions are characterized by the staging of art music – it does not matter that they relate to classical, rock, jazz or song writing. Talent and professionalism are, always and in any case, the first and most important instrument to give voice to.