The Orchestra Filarmonica Italiana explores beyond the traditionally-imposed limits of classical ensembles. OFI extends its repertoire to new interpretative horizons as well as professional activities that are not necessarily bound to classical canons. The ensemble presents a tendency towards research and experimentation through different projects, from live tours with international rockstars to educational initiatives in synergy with new technologies. This is the artistic and professional approach of OFI, an open and free orchestra that in relation to any stylistic boundary.


OFI presents polyhedric projects and collaborations. The ensemble intertwines the classical repertoire to the new genres of contemporary music: symphonic rock, chamber music, italian songwriting and american progressive rock. Such a fusion represents a new key of interpretation but also a new way to reach a wider and diversified audience.


Zucchero, Elisa, Jovanotti, Ennio Morricone, Andrea Bocelli are just some of the international stars OFI has collaborated with during its career. Furthermore, with:

- the italian songrwriter Franco Battiato, in "Il Cavaliere dell'Intelletto"

- Serj Tankian, frontman of the rock band System Of A Down

- Mike Patton, frontman of Faith No More and well-known artist for his experimental fusion of genres and stylistic heritages from funk, symphonic rock, jazz and more

- the experimental rock/fusion guitarist Jeff Beck

- the american rock band Evanescence for its “Synthesis Live Tour” 2018 at Teatro degli Arcimboldi, where OFI performed the symphonic arrangement of the band's repertoire

- the tribute night "Luciano’s Friends - The talent goes on" in 2012 in memory of Maestro Luciano Pavarotti at Teatro Comunale di Modena. The evening was dedicated to the career of the famous tenor, who explored genres such as cross-over, Opera and pop

- the London Symphony Orchestra, who selected OFI to represent Italy in parallel to other 23 international ensemble. The project created formative, audio-visual material to institute a Youtube members-formed orchestra

- Radio Italia Live 2018, where OFI performed under the conduction of Maestro Bruno Sartori together with the italian pop stars Annalisa, Biagio Antonacci, Caparezza, Elisa, Fabri Fibra, Giusy Ferreri, J-Ax & Fedez, Gianni Morandi, Thegiornalisti, Le Vibrazioni and Il Volo

Transversality is what distinguishes Orchestra Filarmonica Italiana in the Italian orchestral panorama